Aluminum Panels

WM ALU QUICK ICE technology - Polish invention on a global scale

The implementation of the Polish invention of WM International from Krakow in 2015 declared war on "energy vampires", ie energy-consuming technologies for freezing portable ice rinks (aluminum, steel, polyethylene piping made of EPDM rubber).
The ice rink technology presented in this article in the form of aluminum radiation panels is a revolutionary solution for ice rinks, compared to the existing piping systems made of aluminum, steel, polyethylene PE or EPDM rubber pipes. The excellent thermal conductivity of aluminum was used here as compared to PE and EPDM.

Tabela 1.

Aluminium 200
Steel 58
PE-HD Polyethylene 0,38-0,51
EPDM 0,25


Aluminum panels tightly cover the whole ice rink in the space between the bands and the special shape of the heat sink makes the freezing surface much larger than the surface of the entire ice rink.
Freezing of the ice rink starts just an hour after the start of the chiller, and 5 hours later you can open the skating rink for skaters. Such high freezing efficiency even allows the unit to be switched off at night. The high conductivity of aluminum also allows the selection of a refrigeration unit with a power of about 40% lower than using traditional technologies, which directly affects the much lower costs of electricity consumption and lower power connection capacity.
The most important advantages of the system Innovative technology of radiation aluminum panels is a huge qualitative progress compared to traditional systems for mobile rinks.

The ice rink in WM Alu Quick Ice technology is characterized by:
∷ high energy efficiency thanks to 100% larger heat exchange surface (radiator freezer plate),
∷ low operating costs (the ability to switch the unit off at night),
∷ fast freezing and quick pane construction - about 5 hours after assembly and start-up of the ice rink,
∷ no loss of sprayed water on the aluminum radiator plate due to the monolithic built-in - no space between individual pipes found in other systems,
∷ resistance to mechanical damage,
∷ resistance to weather conditions,
∷ small storage area,
∷ possibility of storing in the open air,
∷ quick assembly and disassembly.

Radiative cooling module in WM ALU QUICK ICE technology for mobile rinks Increased cost of the panel made of aluminum panels compared to traditional systems is balanced by a much cheaper, with lower power chiller and incomparably lower operating costs.

Previous projects. WM Alu Quick Ice technology has already been implemented in Poland on several sites:
∷ ice rink at Galeria Krakowska in Kraków, area 504 m2, where the aggregate & nbsp; cooling unit with a capacity of 65 kW (30 kW electric),
∷ ice rink in Mragowo about the area 800 sq m, where the aggregate was designed before implementation for the production of aluminum panels, with a capacity of 180 kW (this configuration can increase the surface of the ice rink by approx. 500 m2),
∷ ice rink in Lesko with an area 600 m2, where a 100 kW cooling unit was designed (a traditional system would require a unit with a minimum capacity of 150 kW),
∷ ice rink at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, area 840 m2, where the unit with a cooling capacity of only 160 kW was used (the traditional system would require a unit with a minimum capacity of 200 kW)








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