Mobile Ice Rinks

Mobile ice rinks are the simplest version of the folding ice rink allowing quick assembly and dismantling of the ice rink in just a few days. This solution allows you to use the ice rink for several months in the winter and then after its disassembly, storage on a small area. Mobile ice rink, covered with a 5 cm layer of ice, surrounded by frozen bands, meets all the requirements of a skating rink for recreational skating. The whole will be complemented by a ice-making machine, ice-skating and cash register facilities. The assembly time of such an ice rink is 3-4 days, and the time for freezing the pane is another 4. After about a week we have an ice rink ready for 4 months in a season.

Scope of delivery of the mobile ice rink:

  •     delivery of a compact unit
  •     Delivery of the freezing system
  •     Delivery of recreational band
  •     Installation
  •     Preparation of the substrate
  •     Transport
  •     Assembly
  •     Training

We also provide:

  •     ice care machine
  •     skate dryers
  •     sharpeners for ice skates
  •     rubber walkways
  •     rental skates
  •     back office facilities
  •     Tent
  •     lighting
  •     Sound
  •     Professional access and ticketing system

With each implementation, we offer professional training in the field of service and maintenance of the facility as well as warranty and post-warranty service and full technical support.


Ice rinks in shopping centers require more preparation than in the case of traditional rinks in the design and implementation area. This is directly related to the environment in which the ice rink is to be operated and the technological requirements imposed by the environment. The construction of such an ice rink takes from 6-18 months. Ice rinks made in such places are a real attraction for visitors, which makes them more and more popular.

We build ice rinks both in tents with aluminum structure as well as in inflatable tents. In this case, you need a hot recovery and all technical facilities.

The construction of an ice rink in a tent with compressed air is about 5 times cheaper than the construction of an ice rink in a tent with a steel structure. The deadline for the implementation of such an ice rink is 4-5 months. This ice rink can be used throughout the year.

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