Freezing of ski slopes

WM International is the supplier of ski jumping hill inrun refrigeration systems for the Skalite complex in Szczyrk (K95 and K70 ski jumping hills), and K120 in Wisła Malinka. This technology was applied in Poland for the first time during the modernization of K95 Skalite ski jumping hill in Szczyrk.

The inrun, which is described in detail in the regulations, must be constructed at an appropriate angle. The angle and length of the inrun decide about the ski jumper’s velocity during jumping to flight (so-called take-off). The jumper’s task is to keep to the inrun tracks, of a width equal to the width of the skis and of a span determined by the regulations. He thenjumps into the air at the highest possible velocity, which is one of the factors influencing the length of the jump (the higher velocity, the longer jump).

The International Skiing Federation (FIS) is planning to introduce the obligation of artificially freezing ski jumping hill inruns at the championship-level contests, so as the competition conditions for the jumpers are comparable, and the result is decided by jumper quality, not randomly.
The Skalite jumping hill inrun performed by WM International in Szczyrk is an expert combination of thermometers, manometers, temperature sensors, safety valves, and a cooling unit equipped with a compressor, all automatically controlled. The system guarantees the best conditions for all sportsmen, even in temperatures exceeding +10ºC and features high energy economy and reliability.




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