Ice resurfacers


Ice care machine , designed for operating a professional fast track on ice and on an ice hockey rink type: OLYMPIA EISBEAR ELECTRIC



Standard equipment :

Technical Specifications :

  • total length 387 cm
  • overall length with an open snow container: 438 cm
  • total height with closed snow container: 218 cm
  • overall height with an open snow container: 264 cm
  • overall width: max. 254 cm
  • knife width: max. 243 cm
  • turn radius: 390 cm
  • net weight with batteries: 4520 kg
  • gross weight: 5770 kg
  • snow container capacity: 3.3 m3
  • capacity of the water container: 873 l
  • ice tank capacity: 359 l
  • batteries: 80V, max. 750 Ah (up to 30 maintenance of the 1800m2 rink without charging the battery)



The knife is made of the highest quality hardened steel and always, regardless of the cutting depth of the knife, has an optimal cutting angle with respect to the ice. When replacing a worn knife with a new one, no adjustments are required.
The cutting depth of the knife can be adjusted from the driver's seat, independently for the left and right side. This is useful for shearing of accumulated ice in both corners and edges.
Available widths of planing aggregates: from 2000 to 2500mm.
The entire snow transport system as well as the planing unit are made of stainless steel. The aggregate is equipped with horizontal and vertical screws driven by AC motors.


Optional equipment:

Laser system - necessary for a professional fast speed ice track
The laser system allows the automatic adjustment of the knife with full control using a driver mounted in the dashboard
Thanks to the laser system of leveling the ice surface, we obtain a perfect even sheet of ice and the ice thickness thus obtained, significantly reduces energy costs.


Driver's cab
The cab is made of anodized aluminum profiles.
All panes are made of tempered safety glass.
The empty sections are filled with aluminum plates painted in the color of the machine.
The standard equipment includes front and rear wipers and cab heating.





In closed spaces or passageways used by the public, it is useful to use cameras in dead zones.
This allows you to optimally track everything around with up to 4 cameras.






Automatic ice milling machine
With the help of an ice machine mounted on a conditioner, you can cultivate ice up to the very edge of the ice.
Hydraulic positioning ensures easy and convenient operation from the driver's cab. 
The ice milling machine is guided over the edge using a spring-loaded tilting system.




Spryskiwacz - necessary for a professional fast speed ice track
Thanks to the use of the washer, we build the track surface and ice rinks much faster and, above all, we get excellent ice quality.
The washer can throw away 350 liters of water per minute.
Thanks to the adjustable lance, the spray width is up to 10 m.
Using an additional snow container, you can pour 2,200 liters of water with a single filling.





Brona groszyjąca
A grooving harrow is used for grooving a continuously rough ice surface over the entire width of the conditioner.
The grooving harrow is simply mounted on the conditioner and immediately ready for use.
The distance between the blades is 10 mm and the groove depth is continuously adjustable.

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